This page contains all the In-game Routes and places and where they occur.

Press Ctrl + F to find a route without needing to scroll.

More possible Routes will be added when new areas are released.

Route Location
Route 1 The Route north of Pallet Town's Lab
Route 2 The Route north of Viridian City and before Viridian Forest.
Route 3 The Route west of Pewter City and before Mt. Moon.
Route 4 The Route after Mt. Moon and before Cerulean City.
Route 5 The Route after Cerulean City and before Route 6.
Route 6 The Route after Route 5 and before Vermillion City.
Route 7 The Route after Route 10.
Route 8 The Route before Celadon City and after Route 7.
Route 10 The Route inside Lavender Town.
Route 11 The Route after Vermillion City and before Route 12.
Route 12 The Route after Route 11 and before Lavender Town.
Route 16 The Route after Celadon City and before Route 17.
Route 17 The Route after Route 16 and before Fuchsia City.

Route 17 (Continued)

The Route after Fuchsia City and before Saffron City.
Route 18 The Route after Route 17 and before Fuchsia City.
Route 19 The Route before Seafoam Cave (also known as the water puddle).
Mt. Moon After Pewter City and before Cerulean City.
Route 21

After Saffron City and before Mt. Cinnabar / Cinnabar Vocalno.

Mt. Cinnabar / Cinnabar Volcano Can be found using Route 21.
Route 22 The Route west of Viridian City and before Victory Road.
Victory Road The Route after Route 22 and before Indigo Plateau.
Mysterious Grotto Talk to the NPC in Celadon City's PokeCenter.
Elegant Valley Talk to the NPC in Indigo Plateau.
Mausoleum of Origins Talk to Kentucky Smith inside a green tent in Fuchsia City and defeat him once you have all 8 Gym Badges.
Snow Canyon To the right of Indigo Plateau.