Route 1 is a Route which starts at Pallet Town and ends at Viridian City. It is the first Route in Kanto the player will encounter in their adventure.


Name Pokemon Level Victory Reward
Bug Catcher Joey 010MS Caterpie 4 $ 500
013MS Weedle 4
Youngster Danny 016MS Pidgey (x2) 4 $ 500
Youngster Billy 019MS Rattata (x2) 4 $ 500
Youngster Jason 019MS Rattata 7 $ 500
Youngster Albert 027MS Sandshrew 8 $ 500


Name Type Rarity Location Notes
016MS Pidgey Normal
Grass Patches -
019MS Rattata Normal
Grass Patches -
399MS Bidoof Normal
Grass Patches -
731MS Pikipek NormalFlying Rare Grass Patches -
734MS Yungoos Normal Rare Grass Patches -
406MS Budew GrassPoison Rare Grass Patches -
025MS Pikachu Electric Rare Grass Patches 5%
001MS Bulbasaur Grass
Grass Patches Kanto Starters Route 1 Gamepass
004MS Charmander Fire
Grass Patches
007MS Squirtle Water
Grass Patches
494MS Victini PsychicFire Mythical Grass Patches Psychic-type and Fire-type in the party, the event is over


Route 1

This is what Route 1 looked like in the early stages of the game.

Route 1 new

This is what Route 1 looked like during the first revamp attempt.

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