Randomizer Nuzlocke is a gamemode introduced in update v1.9.6. This gamemode is saved on a different save file, so your normal gamemode data will not be erased.



  • Upon starting the game, you will receive 6 randomized recolored Pokémon.
  • You cannot purchase Pokéballs or Revives, even though you do get 5 normal Pokéballs after finishing the box delivery to Oak task.
  • If a Pokémon faints, that Pokémon is removed from your team.
  • If all your Pokémon are removed from your team, it is an instant game over.
  • Mystery Gift does not work.
  • You cannot trade, battle, or visit Social Park.
  • You cannot buy from the illegal Pokéshop.
  • Roulette costs 12 ROBUX and gives a guaranteed recolored Pokémon.
  • Upon completion (defeating the Elite Four and Gary), you receive a badge named "Beat Randomizer Nuzlocke" as a reward. Note that anyone who has the badge can claim a Cosmog in the main game by talking to the wish_z NPC outside of Vermillion City's PokéCenter.

Increased Chances

  • Recolored Pokémon are now 1/4.
  • There's a high chance for you to get at least one starter Pokémon and one legendary Pokémon/ mythical Pokémon/ Ultra Beast.


At the start of your Nuzlocke challenge, you start off with all 6, so you can look at them before your first save. If the Pokémons are good, then keep them, and if not just re-log.

Between the 1st and the 6th gym you will have to rely on your Pokémons entirely. If you find yourself losing a battle between those gyms, re-log to to keep the Pokémon you lost.

Throughout your game, you'll find some NPC's who will give you Pokémons:

Misty, the 2nd gym leader, will give you a Togepi, and it's final evolution, Togekiss, can be a strong Pokémon against Lance.

Before Mt. Moon, you can buy a Magikarp for 500$, that it's final evolution, Gyarados, can be used against Blaine and Giovanni to sweep them with Dragon Dance, Waterfall & Crunch for Giovanni's Mewtwo. Be aware that Giovanni's Golem, has a potential to kill Gyarados, so kill Golem first, then Dragon Dance against Dugtrio.

After that, in Celadon City, you can get an Eevee from an NPC with a dice hat, which can evolve into Sylveon / Umbreon / Espeon, all of which can be used against the Elite Four.

In Saffron City, you can get both Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan after defeating their respective trainer in the fighting gym, while probably the least useful of them all, they can still be used against Lorelei.

Also in Virdian City, if you have the correct gamepass, you can get a Mew and either Raikou, Suicune or Entei

And then finally, Before entering the Cinnabar Volcano, there's a girl NPC that hands out a Skarmory, which can sweep the E4 and even Purple Entity with the right moveset & a lot of Potions. Here's a montage of sweeping various powerful opponents, along with how to get money fast:


Project- Pokemon - Sweeping Elite Four with a level 40 Skarmory

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