Pryce is a gym leader you encounter in Elegant Valley and is an Ice-type specialist. He gives the TM Ice Beam.


Pokémon Lvl Type Weaknesses Resistances Immunity
124MSJynx 100 IcePsychic Bug, Dark, Fire, Ghost, Rock, Steel Ice, Psychic None
365MSWalrein 100 IceWater Electric, Fighting, Grass, Rock Fire, Ice (⅛x), Water None
461MSWeavile 100 DarkIce Bug, Fairy, Fighting (4x), Fire, Rock, Steel Dark, Ghost, Ice Psychic
478MSFroslass 100 IceGhost Dark, Fire, Ghost, Rock, Steel Bug, Ice, Poison Fighting, Normal
479RMSRotom-Frost 100 ElectricIce Fighting, Fire, Rock Electric, Flying, Ice Ground
473MSMamoswine 100 IceGround Fighting, Grass, Steel, Water Ice, Poison Electric
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