Pewter City is the second city a trainer will encounter. The city's Gym Leader is Brock, a professional Rock-type Pokémon trainer.

Notable Events


In the PokéCenter, an NPC will tell you what and where swarms are going on. Swarms usually include very rare Pokémon and starters, as well as the Mythical Pokemon Shaymin. They change every 10 minutes so make sure to come back every few minutes.

Landorus Event

Bring a Tornadus and Thundurus to the new NPC in the PokéCenter and he'll give you a Landorus. This is an event so make sure to get your exclusive Landorus before the event ends!

Notable Places

Pewter Gym

Pewter Gym is a Rock-type Gym with Brock as the Gym Leader. This is also where you get your first badge: the Boulder badge. When you enter the Gym, you must face an apprentice/admirer of the Gym Leader.


TrainerPokémon Level Type
Camper Junior 050MSDiglett 11 Ground
027MSSandshrew 11 Ground
Brock 074MSGeodude 13 RockGround
095MSOnix 16 RockGround


There are some orange grass patches at the entrance of the city.

Pokemon Type Rarity Location Info
013MSWeedle Bug
Grass Patches -
161MSSentret Normal
Grass Patches -
263MSZigzagoon Normal
Grass Patches -
415MSCombee BugFlying
Grass Patches -
595MSJoltik BugElectric
Grass Patches -
434MSStunky PoisonDark Rare Grass Patches -
739MSCrabrawler Fighting Rare Grass Patches 3%
216MSTeddiursa Normal Rare Grass Patches -