Pallet Town is the player's hometown and the starting location in Project: Pokémon. The player will be given their starter Pokémon here by Professor Oak. There is no PokéCenter or PokéMart here, so instead, your mother will heal your Pokémon. There is a taxi outside of Professor Oak's lab.

Notable Events

Getting Your Starter

In Pallet Town, you get your starter by talking to Professor Oak upstairs in the Lab. After choosing a starter Pokémon from one of the Generations, Gary, your rival and future Champion of Kanto, will battle you by choosing the element advantage over the Pokémon you chose. Although, the starters only have a status move and a Normal-type move. Some starters have their type move, such as when Popplio has the move "Water Gun" when battling Gary.

Notable Places

The Lab

The Lab is where you get your starter Pokémon by talking to Professor Oak, and have your first battle against your rival Gary.

Player's House

The player's house is your home and also where your mother is. Since there is no PokéCenter, your mother will act as the nurse and heal your Pokémon if you interact with her.


90 Pallet Lab

This is Professor Oak's lab, with a Squirtle fountain beside it.


This is what Pallet Town looked like in the early stages of the game.

Pallet Town new

Pallet Town as seen in the first revamp attempt, featuring Pallet Park.