Note: Mystery Codes with the   icon are Trade-Locked (The Pokémon possessed by these codes cannot be traded.)

The 'Mystery Gift' is where you can redeem free Pokémon using codes made by Wish_z. and can be accessed in the 'Menu' section after defeating the first gym leader, Brock.

Redeeming a Code

Type in a valid code (codes which are unredeemed/not expired/correct spelling and case. Codes in the Active Codes section below are confirmed to be valid) in the Box and redeem it by clicking 'Enter', to the right to the Box.

Redeeming/Receiving the Pokémon

In order to receive the redeemed Pokémon, have a free space in your party and then click 'Redeem' located to the top of the box. Clicking 'Redeem' will show up a list of redeemed Pokémon once the condition is met. To receive the Pokémon, simply click on the label and the Pokémon will be sent to your Party.

Active Codes

Code Pokémon Name Level Type Date


Electrified 603MSEelektrik 'Zap' Depends on GYM badge Wyvern recolor aura August 8, 2018 Last code released before game shut down
EvilSpirit 092MSGastly 'Spirit' Depends on GYM badge Devil recolor aura July 25, 2018 -
StayHydrated 335MSZangoose 'Cup Of Water' Depends on GYM badge Cup recolor aura April 16, 2018 -
JustKeepSwimming 170MSChinchou 'Angler' Depends on GYM badge Brown tint January 29, 2018
PengwinXD 393MSPiplup 'PengwinXD' Depends on GYM badge Prin recolor aura, shiny January 22, 2018
  Dasher 244MSEntei 'Dasher' Depends on GYM badge Green & Red tint December 15, 2017 You must have at least 4 Gym badges to redeem
AeroDynamic 142MSAerodactyl 'Aerodactyl' Depends on GYM badge Furious Aura August 18, 2017 Holding an Aerodactylite Bag Aerodactylite Sprite
Inky 052MSMeowth 'Inky' Depends on GYM badge Inky recolor aura August 4, 2017
  Lassie 380MSLatias 'Lassie' Depends on GYM badge
July 28, 2017 You must have at least 6 Gym badges to redeem
Logan 141MSKabutops 'Claws' Depends on GYM badge Superhero Aura April 28, 2017 You must have at least 5 Gym badges to redeem
Surprise 659MSBunnelby 'Surprise' Depends on GYM badge - November 27, 2016


  • The codes mentioned below are forwarded from Wish_z's twitter account (@wishRBLX) or the Official Project: Pokémon Discord Server.
  • An active code expires once a new code is released, which releases every Wednesday (announced by Wish_z).
  • The level of redeemed Pokémon depend on the number of Gym Badges you have earned. They can also be set at a certain level despite the number of badges you have.
  • The codes are 'Case Sensitive' (careful about the capitals of a letter or the code won't work).
  • To use a code you must have at least earned the 1st badge from Brock and have at least one empty slot in your party.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can we make more codes?

A: No. The reason why is that we just forward the codes from Wish_z's twitter account (linked above) and we do not make the codes as we are not admins or the creator of Project: Pokémon.

Q: Can you remake codes that expire?

A: No. As said above, we just forward the codes and do not make them.

Q: It's Monday! Why hasn't a code been released yet?

A: Please keep in mind that wish_z is from the United States, so his timezone may be different to yours. You should allow for some time (expect up to several hours) until he releases a code.

Mystery Code History

For the full raw archive of Mystery Gift Codes complete with detailed stats and data, visit this link (
Code Description Status
Electrified 603MS Gives a Wyvern recolor aura Eelektrik ACTIVE
EvilSpirit 092MS Gives a Devil recolor aura Gastly ACTIVE
EmojiDay 101MS Gives an Abomination recolor aura Electrode EXPIRED
HappyFourth 335MS Gives an Eagle recolor aura Zangoose EXPIRED
StayHydrated 335MS Gives a Cup recolor aura Zangoose ACTIVE
MerryChristmas 102MS Gives an Easter recolor aura Exeggcute EXPIRED
Bootleg 013MS Gives a Barney recolor aura Weedle EXPIRED
WishesRayquaza   129MS Gives a Wishes recolor aura Magikarp EXPIRED
SpringBreak 315MS Gives a Rose recolor aura Roselia EXPIRED
Behemoth 383MS Gives a Groudon EXPIRED
SpookyGhosty 092MS Gives a Equinox recolor aura Gastly EXPIRED
IAmGroot 708MS Gives a Superhero recolor aura Phantump EXPIRED
LateAgain 037MS Gives a Temporal recolor aura Vulpix EXPIRED
Clickbait 668MS Gives a Sun recolor aura Pyroar EXPIRED
ValentinesLove 113MS Gives a Valentines Heart aura Chansey EXPIRED
Superbowl2018 661MS Gives a shiny, green tint Eagle recolor aura Fletchling EXPIRED
JustKeepSwimming 170MS Gives an aura (Brown) Chinchou ACTIVE
PengwinXD 393MS Gives a shiny Prin recolor aura Piplup ACTIVE
Jojoke 066MS Gives a Stand recolor aura Machop EXPIRED
Late4Code 483MS Gives a Dialga EXPIRED
YearOf2017 447MS Gives a Beater recolor aura Riolu with Valentine Hearts EXPIRED
MerryXmas2017 381MS Gives a Festive recolor aura Latios EXPIRED
Elflax 446MS Gives a Santa recolor aura Munchlax holding Leftovers EXPIRED
BugFixes 137MS Gives a Virus recolor aura Porygon EXPIRED
Dasher   244MS Gives a multi-aura (Green & Red) Entei ACTIVE
JingleBell 436MS Gives a multi-aura (Green & Red) Bronzor EXPIRED
Rudolph 522MS Gives a Reindeer recolor aura Blitzle EXPIRED
Sunny 250MS Gives a Ho-Oh EXPIRED
Malts 280MS Gives a multi-aura (Green & Red) Ralts EXPIRED
UltraMoon 337MS Gives a Moon Landing recolor aura Lunatone EXPIRED
NotUseless 618MS Gives a multi-aura (Orange, Yellow, & Brown) Stunfisk EXPIRED
Movember 299MS Gives a red aura Nosepass EXPIRED
SpookTober3 484MS Gives a multi-aura {Orange & Black) Palkia EXPIRED
SpookTober2 483MS Gives a multi-aura (Orange & Black) Dialga EXPIRED
SpookTober 487MS Gives a multi-aura (Orange & Black) Giratina EXPIRED
ThisIsAPumpkin 273MS Gives a multi-aura (Orange & Black) Seedot holding a Cameruptite EXPIRED
RainbowPlant 043MS Gives a Rainbow recolor aura Oddish EXPIRED
ScaryCandle 607MS Gives a Demonic recolor aura Litwick EXPIRED
Positivity 644MS Gives a Zekrom EXPIRED
PLUSULTRA 027MS Gives a Heroic recolor aura Sandshrew EXPIRED
ScaryDog 639MS Gives a Terrakion EXPIRED
TeamValor 146MS Gives Team Leader recolor aura Moltres EXPIRED
AeroDynamic 142MS Gives Furious recolor aura Aerodactyl holding an Aerodactylite ACTIVE
SpookyScary 007MS Gives a Skeletal recolor aura Squirtle EXPIRED
Inky 052MS Gives an Inky recolor aura Meowth ACTIVE
Lassie   380MS Gives a Latias ACTIVE
LightningFast   145MS Gives a Zapdos EXPIRED
ImASnake 147MS Gives a multi-aura (Purple & Green) Dratini EXPIRED
CHILLBIRD   144MS Gives a multi-aura (Red & Blue) Articuno EXPIRED
Fangs 451MS Gives a Radioactive aura Skorupi EXPIRED
SolidRock   377MS Gives a Regirock. EXPIRED
IceCold   378MS Gives a multi-aura (Cyan, Green & Yellow) Regice EXPIRED
Metallic 304MS Gives a multi-aura (Red, Yellow, Green & Blue) shiny Aron holding an Aggronite EXPIRED
Deli 369MS Gives a multi-aura (Blue & Yellow) shiny Relicanth EXPIRED
Anubis 447MS Gives a shiny Riolu. EXPIRED
Dragoon 371MS Gives a multi-aura (Blue & Cyan) Bagon. EXPIRED
HappyMothersDay 115MS Gives a multi-aura (Pink & Purple) Kangaskhan. EXPIRED
PeanutButter 399MS Gives a multi-aura (Red, Blue, Yellow & Green) Bidoof with a 'weird' moveset. EXPIRED
SHADOW 249MS Gives a shadow aura Lugia. EXPIRED
Nitemare 200MS Gives a hallows aura Misdreavus. EXPIRED
Logan 141MS Gives a superhero aura Kabutops. ACTIVE
StarLord 120MS Gives a multi-aura (Red & Black) Staryu holding a Life Orb. EXPIRED
Laziness 143MS Gives a multi-aura (Cyan & Blue) Snorlax holding Leftovers. EXPIRED
Easter2017 427MS Gives a multi-aura (Green, Cyan, Yellow, Blue, Lime Green, & Red) Buneary holding a Loppunite. EXPIRED
Joker 624MS Gives a multi-aura (Black and Red) Pawniard. EXPIRED
Grasshopper 753MS Gives a multi-aura (Cyan, Green, Orange, Blue & Pink) Fomantis. EXPIRED
RainbowRayquaza 129MS Gives a Magikarp. EXPIRED
Extinct 696MS Gives a multi-aura (Cyan & Green) TyruntEXPIRED
Bouquet 315MS Gives an aura (Cyan) Roselia. EXPIRED
Sharknado 443MS Gives an aura (Yellow) Gible. EXPIRED
Wraith 092MS Gives an aura (Red) Gastly. EXPIRED
Glitch 137MS Gives a multi-aura (Blue and Cyan) Porygon. EXPIRED
Investigator 551MS Gives an aura (Brown) Sandile. EXPIRED
Ghost 200MS Gives an aura (Black) Misdreavus. EXPIRED
OneMill 251MS Gives a shiny Celebi. EXPIRED
Valentine 124MS Gives a Valentine aura Jynx. EXPIRED
Falcon 661MS Gives a multi-aura (Red and Black) FletchlingEXPIRED
Shimada 617MS Gives a multi-aura (Blue and Black) Accelgor. EXPIRED
Berserk 261MS Gives an aura Poochyena. EXPIRED
Overslept 287MS Gives an aura SlakothEXPIRED
Barney 147MS Gives you an aura Dratini. EXPIRED
Heracles 214MS Gives you an aura HeracrossEXPIRED
JackFrost 361MS Gives you an aura Snorunt. EXPIRED
Doggy 309MS Gives you an aura Electrike with Hidden Power. EXPIRED
HappyHolidays 225MS Gives you an aura DelibirdEXPIRED
ThreeFitty 129MS GIves you an aura Magikarp. EXPIRED
Aquaman 226MS Gives you an aura MantineEXPIRED
Muchacho 270MS Gives you a Lotad holding a Water Stone. EXPIRED
WeaselNews 215MS Gives you an aura Sneasel. EXPIRED
Surprise 659MS Gives you a BunnelbyACTIVE
Thanks 618MS Gives an aura Stunfisk. EXPIRED
Kane 058MS Gives you an aura GrowlitheEXPIRED
FlyingGrass 187MS Gives you an aura Hoppip. EXPIRED
Pikablu 183MS Gives you an aura MarillEXPIRED
Hungry 143MS Gives you an aura SnorlaxEXPIRED
ImBlue 280MS Gives you an aura Ralts. EXPIRED
Redkachu 025MS Gives you an aura Pikachu EXPIRED
GuyFawkes 624MS Gives you a Pawniard EXPIRED
ShinyFinale 488MS Gives you a shiny Cresselia. EXPIRED
Hax0rz 137MS Gives you a shiny Porygon.  EXPIRED
Firefox 037MS Gives you a shiny Vulpix. EXPIRED
Choices 246MS Gives you a shiny Larvitar.  EXPIRED
Celebrations 133MS Gives you a shiny Eevee.  EXPIRED
TinyShiny 050MS Gives you a shiny Diglett. EXPIRED
Shinypalooza 610MS Gives you a shiny Axew. EXPIRED
Totally 158MS Gives you a Totodile.  EXPIRED
The100Club 052MS Gives you a shiny Meowth. EXPIRED
Steak 128MS Gives you a Tauros.  EXPIRED
Mob 280MS Gives you a Ralts. EXPIRED
ColdSteel 374MS Gives you a Beldum.  EXPIRED
Doggo 058MS Gives you a Growlithe.  EXPIRED
Shining 403MS Gives you a shiny Shinx. EXPIRED
SlippySnek 336MS Gives you a Seviper. EXPIRED
BadLuckBird 198MS Gives you a Murkrow.  EXPIRED
IGotDanceMoves 131MS Gives you a Lapras. EXPIRED
Stardom 120MS Gives you a Staryu.  EXPIRED
FourHundo 633MS Gives you shiny Deino. EXPIRED
Goggles 193MS Gives you a Yanma.  EXPIRED
KrabbyPatty 098MS Gives you a shiiny Krabby.  EXPIRED
WhatsUpDoc 427MS Gives you Buneary.  EXPIRED
Apologies 150MS Gives you a Mewtwo. EXPIRED
Prinpupper 220MS Gives you a shiny Swinub.  EXPIRED
TheFuriusDawg 228MS Gives you a Houndour.  EXPIRED
HarryHoudini 063MS Gives you an Abra.  EXPIRED
SphealOrNoSpheal 363MS Gives you a Spheal. EXPIRED
PupyMonkeyBaby 122MS Gives you a Mr. Mime.  EXPIRED
Stormy 079MS Gives you a Slowpoke.  EXPIRED
RioluOlympics 447MS Gives you a Riolu.  EXPIRED
Kirikun 302MS Gives you a shiny Sableye. EXPIRED
CxroFairy 035MS Gives you a Clefairy.  EXPIRED
DragosireTribute 195MS Gives you a shiny Quagsire.  EXPIRED
EXTREMECODES 133MS Gives you a shiny Eevee.  EXPIRED
OnePercentRat 019MS Gives you a shiny Rattata. EXPIRED
ReallyCodes 025MS Gives you a shiny Pikachu.  EXPIRED

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  • Please note that we do not make the codes nor will wish_z see your suggestion. As posted above, we only forward these codes.
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