Ho-Oh is a FireFlying-typeLegendaryPokémon introduced in Generation II. It known as the 'Rainbow Pokémon, and the Pokémon is considered to be closely related to Lugia as a duo. Ho-Oh is also the trio master of the three Legendary Beasts, Suicune, Entei and Raikou

How to Obtain

You can obtain Ho-Oh in Victory Road. You can also obtain it in Saffron City  from the guy wearing a Dominus in the Pokemon Center by showing him Mr. Mime, Jynx, Lickitung, and Metagross with a free slot in your party. Please note that this system has been removed, as hackers spawned in unlimited Ho-Oh's.

It can also be obtained from trading and the Pokemon Roulette.

It was also obtainable by using the code "Sunny." (Please note that the code has Expired).


Moves when Obtained

Move Power Accuracy Type
Heat Wave 95 90% Fire
Recover -- --% Normal
Thunder 110 70% Electric
Psychic 90 100% Psychic

Moves that can be taught by Move-Relearner

Move Power Accuracy Type
Flame Charge 50 100 Fire
Sacred Fire 100 95 Fire
Gust 40 100 Flying
Recover -- -- Normal
Brave Bird 120 100 Flying
Shock Wave 60 -- Electric
Ember 40 100 Fire
Fire Blast 110 85 Fire
Iron Head 80 100 Steel

Moves that can be taught using TM's

Move Power Accuracy Type
Thunder 110 70 Electric
Thunderbolt 90 100 Electric
Charge Beam 50 90 Electric
Thunder wave -- 100 Electric
Overheat 130 90 Fire
Fire Blast 110 85 Fire
Flamethrower 90 100 Fire
Will-O-Wisp -- 85 Fire
Aerial Ace 60 -- Flying
Acrobatics 55 100 Flying
Roost -- -- Flying
Shadow Ball 80 100 Ghost
Return 102 100 Normal
Facade 70 100 Normal
Hidden Power 60 100 Normal
Protect -- -- Normal
Double Team -- -- Normal
Swagger -- 100 Normal
Toxic -- 90 Poison
Dream Eater 100 100 Psychic
Psychic 90 100 Psychic
Calm Mind -- -- Psychic
Light Screen -- -- Psychic
Reflect -- -- Psychic
Rest -- -- Psychic

Type Effectiveness

Effectiveness Type(s)
Extreme Weakness Rock
Weaknesses Electric, Water
Resistances Fairy, Fighting, Fire, Steel
Extreme Resistances Bug, Grass
Immunity Ground

Recolor Gallery

Spectrum Ho-oh

Spectrum Ho-oh made by Steamyyy

Solstice Ho-oh

Solstice Ho-oh made by deadshotmonkey

American Ho-oh

American Ho-oh made by cutecake09

Thunder Ho-oh

Thunder Ho-oh made by Lurantise

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